Names Luca, you can call me Lu or something but I'd prefer Las Vegas if we don't know each other well. Leave me asks kiddos.

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He sits on a stool, alone, tired, hungry. More importantly, anger to the high proportion. How dare he ask if they can talk about it like adults?! If he wanted to talk, he could have came to him about it before! Of course he was always in the backgrounds, watching his father sulk it off. It was tiresome, but deep down, he had hoped Jack came out different, stronger. Of course, that was before Halloween, when Jack decided to bring back the dying fire. Not the engulfing in passion kind either. So now he sat at a table inside a rather extravagant strip club. Sure, it was a little dirty. But the place had a damn charm. Drinking a simple manhattan Luca scanned the dancer’s body on the pole silently, the sensual moves strangely soothing to his soul.

Perfect, exactly what he needed.

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